Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dear Lanman,

I tend to talk about you a lot on here. When you look back I want you to know I love your siblings just as much as you... It's just that I spend my days with you and you are changing so much that there is so much to share.

Have I told you that you've stolen my heart? You are precious from head to toe and I wouldn't trade places with anyone in this world to give up my days with you.

Today when I was getting you changed and dressed (which you still throw fits about) you pointed at my shirt and with those precious brown eyebrows lifted asked, "A dat?"

Which I totally knew meant, "Mother dear, what is that drawing upon your shirt?"

I told you it was a daisy.

Which you repeated back to me like a little mockingbird.

Since we started making animal noises you have always insisted a dog says, "Ahhh, Ahh, " a tongue hanging-out panting sound. Which I think is fascinating, because to you they do-- They don't bark at you, they lick and pant at you. Today when we read you changed it for the first time and shook your head "no" when I made your panting noise. Then you "yipped." And seemed to age a year before my eyes. Like the first time Noodle said "Elmo" instead of "Elmy."
Yesterday I got out Bella's doll stroller for you to play with while we were in the garage. When the phone rang I whisked you and the stroller in with me. I talked and before I knew it you were coming out of the bedroom with a doll saying, "baby," and putting her in the stroller. How do you know that? We've never had this out before! You walked all three blocks to school to meet Daddy and your siblings with both hands pushing that little pink stroller. Through puddles, through mud as if it were your mission to get that baby to school. I picked you up to cross the first street. When we got to the next intersection you stopped and lifted your arms. How did you figure that out? When your baby slid down in her seat you said, "Oh oh! Oh oh!" (your favorite phrase) until she was righted.
I want to remember every little stage you pass through. I want to bottle you up and keep you forever right where you are at today. The other kids, too. I am so thankful for you all.

I love you, my sweet Lanman.
Your Mama.


Mommy said...

I can't believe he pushed a stroller all the way to the school! What a big man! He'll be a good father someday. As his future mother-in-law, I appreciate that. :)

molly said...

All for you and sweet Ani. I think it just shows how stubborn he is! :)