Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up...

Well, here we are. Two weeks have flown by since I last wrote and in usual form, we've been a busy crew.

Jake has coached six games since then and has just one remaining in the regular season. Who knows what tournament time will bring!? It's truly gone well and he's loved working with the team. For the most part it's going very well on the home front, too. That being said, I think it's fair to say we're all ready for it to be done as four months is a long haul. :)

Lanman recently sat through his fourth, but most major haircut. His eyes look even bigger and the resemblance to Noodle is startling. Bella also got a three-inch cut. Big news there is that from here on out she is going to a salon. :) It went OK, but I will never attempt a trim again, no matter HOW simple it looks to be! I am fine with being a barber to boys alone.

We enjoyed a weekend visit to Grandma and Papa K's over Bella's birthday weekend (known as Valentine's Day to the rest of the world). We celebrated with a GoRGeoUS princess castle cake and big ol' fashioned family canasta party. The cards were good (for some) and the food abounded, as usual! :) We took advantage of the long weekend and didn't come home until Monday. It was SO nice to get away.

Friday the 20th brought on the 5th grade musical, which Jaker helped direct and Noodle had a role in as Abraham Lincoln, and the MC... interviewing some of history's great leaders. He also had an Emmy-winning vocal solo. :) Here he is LIVE with Betsy Ross:

He had a big cheering section as Mom and Dad made the long trek over- just for the DAY- and Grandma Joyce, Great-Grandma Esther and Uncle Josh also came to watch him perform.

Our little lady celebrated turning SeVeN with her friends at a fun-filled Friday evening birthday party. We decorated cookies, Bedazzled tote bags and made mini pizzas. (Here she is with the top of the castle cake which we saved for the party, and Yes, she is wearing her Laura Ingalls Wilder dress. Every girls gotta have a party dress!) It was a fun evening that resulted in one pooped Mama!

Progress has begun again in the basement- WHOO HOO! We have friends staying with us as they do construction in town and in return for staying here they have finished wiring and insulating... and dare I say SHEETROCK is going up as I type! Our garage has been busting at the seams storing all the things that basement will soon hold! Our kiddos, Lord willing, will be in their own rooms by summer! Organization will once again have domain in the Dahl House! A garage sale will be had like none other in Rushford history! (And this chick will be rejoicing!)

Our most recent news is a sick Lanman. He started with a temperature Friday that stayed very high throughout the weekend. A Monday morning trip to the pediatrician diagnosed a very yucky looking throat. Not strep, thankfully. He's on the mend now, for which we are all thankful. Healthy Lanman = Much better sleep!

Well, I am being summoned by the little man. Naptime flies so quickly. Wishing you all a sunny day!
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Seversons said...

Poor Lanman! He looks miserable in that picture! I am glad to hear he is feeling better!

Rach said...

Sorry Lanman is sick, but that "sicky" face is toooo precious!

Anonymous said...

Love the boy haircut!