Monday, April 20, 2009

Whirlwind of a month!

Before this month was even upon us I knew it was going to be a busy one. Just flipping through my planner I would think- "Uff... That April's going to be BUSY!" And here we are! Three weeks of the month have flown by already. :)

This past weekend we got to spend a very fun weekend with very good friends in the Dells. Yes, I do have pictures. No, I don't have them ready to post. Sorry.

This week is muy exciting for the Madre and Padre of this household. :) We are headed on vacation-- Just us. :) The kids will be in the wonderful hands of all four grandparents who are tag-teaming while we are away. It's been a long time since we traveled together and I'm brimming with excitement! :) I'll share more next week.

I was hoping to have the basement all painted before we leave, and am realizing that just isn't going to happen. Lanman only naps up to 3 hours a day. I'm aiming to sneak down there tomorrow and finish the first coat in the hallway/kitchenette. That leaves the bathroom, the boys' room and a final coat in the family room/hall/kitchenette. Bella's room, the stairwell and first coat family room are DoNe. :) Slowly but surely we will conquer that space!

I'm off to bed. Have a great week everyone!

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Rach said...

Oh, I wish you such a good time on your getaway! Looking forward to pics of the trip AND the beautiful paint jobs!
BTW I loved the Lanman-on-counter post. He may be a stinker, but he's a charming one!!