Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where, oh where has spring gone?

We woke up this morning to a 60 degree house. The wood boiler is shut down for the year, and we thought we could finally turn the back-up furnace off, but no. Winter is back. There is a 90% chance of Rain MIXED WITH SNOW showers today. UGH.

On a lighter note, Tomorrow is Woodbury Day! Yippee! I am starting to layer up already, as by morning I may have adequate clothing on. Maybe the frost and ice will ward off some of the "not-so-die-hards." Hopefully they will be the ones who wanted soccer cleats and size 4 winter boots. I can't wait to update ya'll with the bargains.

The kids are still sleeping, so I am off to start the laundry. Friday is my usual day, but I will be off, hobbling in the cold to find more treasures to wash.

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