Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday, Schmonday!

Why are Mondays always the longest day of the week? I don't mean to sound all out negative, but how is it that in a review of each week, Monday often comes out on the bottom of the "good day" list? One step forward, two steps back. I had an ornery infant today (who does NOT belong to me) and a tired preschooler (who DOES belong to me).

On the bright side, my husband (who doesn't even drink coffee) made and prepared my first cup of coffee (just the right amount of cream and Splenda). By God's grace (which was in abundance today) four loads of wash went from hamper full circle to folded and in drawers (a major accomplishment that "folded and put in drawers" part. I really don't like that end of it). The sun was out, which has not happened in a long time... And looks to not happen again for a few days. I got to bring the kids to the library. I got to read with them and even played a board game with Doodle. I got to have some kids for a friend who needed time away. I have a husband who joyfully went to work to provide for us and came home with the same smile on his face. He even mowed the lawn in record time after school and didn't mind a bit! I was able to make healthy meals which all three kids ate. I am alone now, as that sweet husband is tucking the kids in. We may even get a game in yet tonight.

Ya know... It wasn't such a bad day. Yes, it was a Monday, but my God is good. His goodness outweighs even the most wretched things a Monday can throw my way. Thanks for putting up with my initial complaints... I'd like to go back and erase that first paragraph now. Have a great Tuesday, and when next Monday rolls around, join me in counting the positives.

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Ring Master said...

Hello MD, my Monday was yucky too. But you know what, we get another chance tomorrow! Another chance to make it great, and stand in awe of His creation(our kids). Please check your email, as I'm going to be sending you a note. I've just about lost my voice, hence the typed communication:)