Monday, May 23, 2005

A new, improved Monday

I found the formula to having a great Monday. Here goes...

1) Find one great friend. I'm sure a mediocre one would do other days of the week, but it is vital on a Monday to find a really, really good friend, who you can talk to about most anything and understands the mushiness of Mommy Brain.

2) Take off for the day to a destination you only frequent every other month or so. This will truly keep your mind off what day it is, and how things are SUPPOSED to be going, or WOULD be going if you were back at home.

3) Pray and request a really sunny day. This brightens the most dull of Mondays and lifts the lowest of spirits... It may even make you feel as though your living a Saturday!

Because it felt so summer-like today (it's all relative...) I wanted to have a fry out. We are in Wisconsin, so we put brats on the grill and started to boil potatoes for potato salad. The potatoes were done, so I turned off the burner and picked the kettle up to drain them, when my whirlwind child flew through the door and smacked right into the pot of boiling water. With. His. Forehead. HE IS FINE, being so accustomed to not watching where he is going, he grinned and spun the other way into the bathroom. I didn't see all this, however, as the force of his whirlwind 50 pound body (forehead) tipped the entire kettle onto me. I have a scalded wrist and foot. Jake is sure they are second degree burns, but they haven't blistered yet (does that happen right away?). My wrist aches- I'm doing the ice on 20 seconds, then off 'cause it's numb for all of 10 seconds, back on... You get the picture. The up side? Maybe the big red blotches will hide the oranges blothes from a hasty self-tanner application this weekend. (Can anyone say pinto? That's kind of what I resemble right now.)
Just one more tidbit to share... Jake and I take off WEDNESDAY NIGHT for his brother's wedding in Jackson, WY!!!! WHOOPEE!!!! So much to be excited about...
Jonathan and Cori found one another and are about to embark on a whole new life together... Jake and I are traveling without the kids... We get to see the whole family- brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, (grin, grin!) To top it all off, our kids get to spend the time with my parents- both parties are very excited! (Probably the kids more-so as their energy is through the roof! Hope you're resting up, Mom and Dad!!!) Isn't life good?
We got a postcard today from my sister and brother-in-law! They are gallivanting across Europe as we speak! They started in Barcelona and should be in Italy- No, Switzerland? OK, well I'm not real sure where they are, but I pray they're safe and having a blast!!! We love you two!!! Can't wait to see photos and hear stories!!!

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