Friday, July 15, 2005

We've had a very enjoyable week! Though we're still waiting on our cards, we've really been enjoying lots of free fun, like a new park we found right here in Victor, drives into Jackson, sightings of buffalo, and a moose and her calf, time spent at a National Fish Hatchery in Jackson, time spent catching inch long fish and tadpoles with our hands in a natural warm springs... all for free! The house is really coming along, with hopes of the roof panels being put on today. Tomorrow is a huge art festival in Jackson, and we are also going to check out Teton Village (up even higher into the Tetons).

The beauty is awesome. To wake up every day in this setting is such a gift. The other night I needed to do a quick run to Idaho Falls for stain, and the entire time was either driving along the gorgeous Snake River or through the Big Hole mountain pass. I had MWS Worship and Worship 2 blasting, no kids along and the beauty nearly brought me to tears. I am so thankful to be here! I can't belive it's already been two weeks!

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