Friday, July 01, 2005

He's home, so we're off!

I got Noah yesterday! Doodle and Bella stayed home with a chain-saw wielding daddy(Hmm... That doesn't sound so good). Noah had a blast, as many of you assured me he would. However, of the four neatly folded outfits, only one was used. He also did not shower or swim, and (sit down for this one) said, "I didn't brush my teeth, either, cause I don't think you packed toothpaste." Had heopened the suitcase, he may have found it, but don't worry, "I only bought one thing from the canteen, cause I don't like that 'sugary' feeling on my teeth."

So, we're off today. The trees are still not completely picked up, but a good friend said he would take over the job. Pray for our safety and sanity... We are headed up through Winnipeg, Regina and Lethbridge, Canada, then down through Montana to Jackson/Victor (That is if the Canadians are still letting 'crazies' in.). We'll be on from time to time to update you... Until then...All our love! JMNDE

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