Friday, July 08, 2005


After being away for the past three days, Jake is "home" with us today, and it is amazing to me what his presence does! Granted, we spent the morning at the park, where the kids ran and played hard, but there has been nary an argument amongst them! It's very humbling to realize that I must bring out their worst...

After the three hour park rendevous, I dropped the family at home and went to the laundromat and read for close to an hour. Then decided to stop by the library for my computer fix... I haven't said a word now for about and hour and a half, and I love it. Does anyone else tire of hearing their own voice? This is sweet silence!

Last night Jake worked until about 7 at the house. The timberframing is really coming along. I wish I could share photos, an will upon our return. The house is huge and beautiful and it's fun to watch the progress. When he got back we went over to Jackson for the evening to mini-golf and have supper. It was a lot of fun... Dawson even got a hole in one! We ate at one of our favorite Jackson venues, (OK, Jake's favorites) "Billy's Giant Burgers." It's something all right, they are giants. My only complaint is that when I leave the place I need a vinyl scraper to remove the grease from my face. Otherwise, it's all good.

I better return home. I have wet clothes in the car and my family is hostage without the vehicle. Jake and I may take a hike tonight... Jake asked Jon and Cori if they'd mind keeping the kids for a while. I've been drooling over a "Great Tetons Trails" book... so many places to go!

(Please ignore my spelling errors as the spell check pop-up window is blocked!)

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