Monday, July 11, 2005

Hitch in our step

So we were merrily enjoying our week last week, oblivious until Friday that sometime between Monday and Friday Jake's wallet went missing. Could have been stolen, thought no funny activity has happened on either our check or credit card. Thankfully we are staying with his brother and sister-in-law, who are wonderful and very generously offered to just cover us until we can have new cards issued. Thankfully we have a wonderful friend back home who lovingly agreed to send us the cards, as the bank is unable to send them to any other than our home address. (I owe you, MH!!!) So, here we are in Victor, finding wonderful ways to pass the time without a cent to our name!

The house is coming fabulously... Cori and I spent Saturday staining tounge and groove for the ceilings. We are sunburned, but got a lot done. There is much more to stain tonight, so we're planning an "All-out-adult-assault" on the remaining pieces.

Please continue to pray for us all. The kids have had a great day. The weather continues to be gorgeous. We are thankful to be here. We miss you all!

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