Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our weekend and Underwater Adventures!

We enjoyed a long weekend as a family- This time headed north (IN THE SNOW!) to an indoor waterpark on the shore of Lake Superior. We enjoyed a full day of play on Thursday, then my sis and her husband joined us for Friday. The only bummer was that Ellie had ear trouble Thursday night, then again Friday night. We found some homeopathic drops at the pharmacy that worked very well- So it's a blessing to have something other than antibiotics that may help!

Friday we stopped for yummy coffee drinks and smoothies, then drove the scenic route to the northern-most tip of Sconnie. We stopped on the shore for photos- and nearly got blown away- literally. We stopped in tourist-y little Bayfield and hit some shops, then off to our aunt's house for a delicious dinner and rousing game of Canasta. Oh, we had fun! [Except for a near-death choking incident that left me without a voice the next day! :)]


Yesterday we had the chance to meet HM and her girls at the Mall of America. We went to Underwater Adventures- the underground aquarium. The kids loved it- especially Doodle. He must have said, "Mom! LOOK AT THIS!" about 100 times.

Bella conquered her fear of the "esalater"...


And the kids had a chance to touch sharks and stingrays (stingers were removed, people!)...

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