Thursday, October 05, 2006

We're having a great week at the Dahl house. Noodle finished up soccer this week- I think they even had a winning record! He really had fun and learned a lot from a great pair of coaches. School for Noodle is going well. He likes his teacher a lot and seems to be enjoying third grade.

Doodle is reading more and more... We're working through a chapter book together. He reads a page, I read a page, etc. Next comes the "adored by many" Magic Tree House Series... Then we'll be talking bookworm. I'm really proud of how much effort he's putting in.

Bella and I are reading "Little House in the Big Woods" and having so much fun with it- I am truly not sure who is enjoying it more- I think it might be me.

We're looking forward to the Bulldog Homecoming game tomorrow night, and a rousing Boy Scout Spaghetti Supper beforehand. Hoo Yaa! Even better (I know- hard to beat), we get to spend a weekend with the Mangelsens at their cabin. I'm so excited. :)Rumor has it Jacob turned 30 this week (hee hee hee...)

School pictures came in yesterday. Oh boy- don't laugh. Doodle has a great toothless smile- but his dear mother didn't check his face beforehand and if you look close there's PEANUT BUTTER on his CHEEK! Mom of the year, folks. Look NO further.

On that note- I'm headed to bed. Have a great weekend one and all and we'll try to post a photo update early next week.

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Jodi said...

Yes, Magic Treehouse books are much beloved around here . . . but I'm ready to burn them. They're the only thing Baba will read, even though he's way beyond them in skill level.