Friday, January 12, 2007

For the love of my kids...

I haven't posted a photo of the kidlets for a bit- here's one with my little (6'5") brother when we got to see him at Christmas.

My parents will be here in a couple hours to help us celebrate Noodle's big 0-9! Nine years ago tonight Jaker and I went out to eat at a nice, quiet, Italian restaurant for what would be our last night not being parents. For the rest of our living, breathing days on this earth we will be parents- What a priviledge. A job that is scary and sweet, crazy and rewarding... and all those emotions can land in ten minutes of time!

I have been attached this week to this song off of MWS's most recent CD. Parents, if you HAVEN'T heard it, grab a box of tissues. The piano music is just a beautiful as the words. GET THIS SONG!!!

How to Say Goodbye

tell me when
the time we had slipped away
tomorrow turned to yesterday
and i don't know how

tell me what
can stop this river of tears
it's been building up for years
for this moment now

here i stand
arms open wide
i've held you close, kept you safe
till you could fly
tell me where
the road ahead is gonna bend
and how to harness up the wind
and how to say goodbye

tell me why
why does following your dreams
take you far away from me
and i knew that it would

tell me how
to fill the space you left behind
how to laugh instead of cry
and how to say goodbye

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