Monday, January 29, 2007


Banana tagged me with an interesting thought... "What are 5 things I'd like to do before I die?"

Many who know me well know traveling is at the top of my list. Traveling with my family? Even better. With the exception of the first one, maybe, I'd like to do each one with Jake and the kids at my side.

1) Hike the AT. Probably just part, but I'd love to do it. My brother-in-law did it start to finish, but mom and wife doesn't equal bachelor. I will also never attain his physical fitness level. I'd be satisfied with portions of it. :) (By the time my mothering responsibilities lighten my body will... well, not have lightened.)

2) Visit South America. Machu Picchu and a rainforest.

3) Go on a safari in Africa.

4) Travel through New England in fall... Slowly.

5) See each of my kids into adulthood- Serving the Lord and joyful.


Jodi said...

OK, hiking the AT is one of MY goals. Have you read Bill Bryson's book on the subject? It's called A Walk In the Woods, and Bryson is a hilarious writer.

Does your BIL have pictures?

the dahls said...

Yes- Jake and I listened to "A Walk in the Woods" during a road trip a couple of years ago! Funny... if not a bit "environmental" minded. A fun "listen!"

Jake's bro has photos... and would have lots of recommendations, I'm sure. Like, "Get in Shape, Mol!!!"

Anonymous said...


I was surprised to see hiking the AT was so high on your list of travel locations! Keep in mind that many people hike the AT in sections, which means they hike two weeks or more each year until they have completed it all--or most anyway. I suggest you hike in Septembers in the northeast. That way you can hike some of the AT and see the beautiful fall colors at the same time.