Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A new addiction

So we were going to start back with school today, but then I looked around at my house, which looked as though it had thrown up, more than likely due to the obscene amount of sleeping in yours truly has enjoyed over the past week. Ahh. So... we're starting back with school tomorrow. I mean it this time.

And yes, Jaker and I are new addicts to a highly acclaimed series... you guessed it-

Yes, I know we are 5 seasons behind and living under a rock and all that for not having gotten hooked earlier, but enjoying it none-the-less. Thanks, Lottie! :)


Jodi said...

I'm trying to ignore all the people talking about this show, because really I DON'T need a new addiction. My old ones are keeping me plenty busy. ;)

fannie said...

heehee. Sesame Street has jumped on the band wagon as well. They had an episode of 24 last week that made me ROTFLOL!!!!

:) Have fun!