Friday, February 15, 2008

And then she was six...

Earlier this week I asked Bella what she wanted to do on her birthday. She asked if we could write a note to the boys' teachers and tell them it was her birthday so they could stay home and play. (one of the perks to being new to town is that the kids see each other as their closest friends. This is not a bad thing! :)) I said, no, but we could pray for a snow day! So we did, and wouldn't you know the forecast looked snowy and the Lord answered her five-yr-old prayers! :)

Daddy made her a big ol' breakfast. She had a stack of presents accumulated that rivaled Christmas morning. Her boys were all there to witness her open them slowly and tauntingly. :) The princess was in her glory!

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(again, I apologize for the photo quality. Our camera battery is enjoying a much-needed charging as we "speak")

She spent most of her day dressing her Molly doll, and playing with Doodle. Noodle spent much of his day nose-in a book (Thank you, Auntie Lottie! It arrived at 1:30 and by supper time he was on page 200! He's aiming to finish it this weekend.) Lanman spent most of his day marveling at the whirlwind of activity going on around him. Jake and I both stole 15 minute naps. :) We baked cookies, a chocorama birthday cake and had two generations of grandmas for dinner. :) It was a fun day, start to finish. We ended up with 5-6 inches of snow and today is bright and sunny, but 20 below. A good day to enjoy the sun from INSIDE.

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