Sunday, February 17, 2008

Professional Shots

Here is a sampling of the pictures we had taken of Lanman by a WONDERFUL photographer in our area. His three month portraits! I'm posting them for all you far-away loved ones to get a glimpse of!

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lottie said...

You were right these are the cutest pictures. I love the hat picture. It's a tie for me between that one and the last one where he's laughing. Darrin also thinks they're pretty cute.

Mommy said...

And I love the one where he's sucking his thumb. And the hat one too. And...they're all very good.

Bailey said...

OMG!!!!! Landon is SO cute in those pictures. I especially like the one with him in the big hat !

Rach said...

I LOVE the hat picture! Rub his fuzzy little head and kiss his sweet baby cheeks for me!