Friday, February 15, 2008

For Marti :)

Some house photo updates....
The wood for the floors:

The kitchen countertops:

Opinion needed!!! What would you do with that ivory metal plate/backsplash thing behind the stove? There will be a black microwave/rangehood there soon- I want to just take it down, but am afraid of what I might find behind it!

The new counters and faucets for both baths- laundry room/ half bath and main bathroom:
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Mommy said...

Maybe that plate is a heat-resistant thing they used as an extra protection by the stove and there is just wall behind it?? If you take it down and it's scary behind it, can you put it back up?

Mommy said...

The wood isn't finished yet, correct? Or is the finish that light?

The kitchen does look very like the house here--countertops just a little lighter, and of course the cabinets are different.

I like it all--can't wait until you can get in there.

Anonymous said...

Be brave, Molly. Take it down! By the time you have the stove and microwave in place, there won't be a lot of wall space easily seen by others.