Friday, February 15, 2008

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles...

Yes, I've been singing a lot of "Fiddler" songs lately. :)

We had the Lanman in to the doctor on Wednesday for his four month check-up. He had shots (boo), but thankfully he slept hard for a few hours directly afterward. The pathetic whimpering only lasted a few hours when he woke up. It's so sad to see him that way, my little smiley man.

The above stated "wonder of wonders..." is that he weighed in at 14lbs. 13 1/2 oz.- in the mere 50th percentile! To give some perspective, Noah was 20lbs. 8 oz. at 4 months. I think the lowest percentile we've ever had was 75th for one of their heads at one point.

Here are the other stats...
He was 25 1/4 inches long (50th-75th percentile) and his head was 16 1/2 inches
(25th to 50th percentile). Interesting for grandmas only perhaps, and then maybe they aren't interested either. :)

He's still nursing every three hours. He has had a couple nights where he'll stretch it out to 4 hours, but I am envious of those whose babies sleep through the night from early on.

Much to the pediatricians dislike, we started cereal in the evenings. She "would have liked to see us wait until 6 months." He suckles it down without hesitation and had been wanting to nurse even more frequently- so I am not waivered. He was ready.

I am hoping to get word that his 3 mo. photos are ready to be picked up soon... She had hoped to have them done for today, so I'll keep you posted!

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Betsy said...

Yea for Landon! And you too, mama, stick with your intuition. The dr's aren't always what they're cracked up to be. ;)