Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A day of play

So we had a great weekend...
Family time, together time.

Noodle, Doodle and Bella helped plant squash and pumpkins this year and Grandma let them bring a load to the farmer's market to sell on Saturday. They were so excited and had fun helping people carry their purchases away.

Jake's quote of the day? "People just don't buy squash from Ninjas. The headband should really go." It wasn't true. People do- at least when the ninja is six and has a cute little dimple. :)

After our entrepreneurs finished up we worked in the yard for awhile and then loaded up in the van. It was Lanman's big day- his first birthday- and the carseat turning snuck right up on me! :) Here is his reaction:


And off we were to hike (mama's fAvOrItE) in the state to the south... in Jaker's first college town. We found a beautiful waterfall and stream... and the kids LOVED playing, jumping, climbing and collecting. Here are our big guys...

Oh, they are growing up so fast! I am thoroughly loving the stage of life we are in. It is a joy. Busy sometimes, but a joy. I love you, my dear family.


Mommy said...

I saw the tooth. :)

I'm just looking forward to getting Punky in a convertible seat. She is not happy laying down, so she does an almost constant tummy crunch while we're driving around. That girl is gonna have some abs of steel.

molly said...

Like her mama. :)

busy bees said...

Wow They are going up so fast . Enjoy! Tell all hello.