Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Dear Lanman,
This weekend brought a milestone both to you and our family-- You are one-year-old, my love! Just a year ago you entered our lives. It's hard to fathom that there was a time I was content without you. Because I really thought I was-- Until I met you.

I was blessed to meet you long before the rest of this world. It was Bella's fifth birthday we knew you were there... and it was then that my heart began to open to the idea of you. I have to admit it wasn't a gusto of swinging open. More of a creakity cracking open. I didn't know then how much we needed you. And how you would complete things so perfectly in our family.

You have been a wonderful baby. Can I say easy baby? Yes. Because you have been. You have slept well-- more importantly gone down easily! You eat like a champ. You have "gone with the flow" during one of our craziest years yet. You adore your siblings and daddy but the truth is that I am your favorite. And aside from your Daddy I don't think I've held that distinction before. I am honored and tickled and so thankful for you.

God knew it all long before you were here. How you would melt the hearts of many and draw our family even closer together. You are a blessing, my sweet Lanman. Your mama loves you. Happy Birthday, Baby.

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That pictures is too cute.