Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So, I was running some errands around town- In preparation for a road trip to my parents over our long weekend and the van makes a funny sound with battery light action. Hmm.
I pull over and do my best auto mechanic move.
Turn it off and back on again.
To no avail.

My next planned stop was the Auto Parts Store (I kid you not).
Auto Parts Man says, "I'll see you later for an alternator."

I call Jake.
We have it tested and yes, we need an alternator.

So Jake's mom graciously offered her Buick for the road trip.
This is where I make no jokes about never owning a Buick because only old people drive Buicks. :)
I call shot-gun.


Mommy said...

Like 35-year-old people?

How are you all going to fit?

molly said...

Yes llike 35 1/2 year olds.

Tightly. :)

the pearson c.a.s.t. said...

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