Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Little Ham

Lanman got into the muddy flower garden today just as the big kids were getting home. I was right there, but he was quicker than I. Nice mouthfuls of mud, black muddy pants and socks- it was quite a sight. I didn't grab my camera for it, but I did right after he got out of the tub. Our little cherub is getting some curls and though that is what I meant to capture on film, he started "smiling" (reminiscent of our good friend Boo Boo) when I held the camera up! :)


More to come soon as our "pumpkin" is about to turn one. :)
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Mommy said...

I know we're supposed to enjoy every stage and not rush our children growing up, but I am so looking forward to getting to this stage again. What a little ham! (Actually, a not-so-little ham.)

lottie said...

I love your collages. People at work thought he was just about the cutes baby they ever saw.