Sunday, March 01, 2009

The cuteness oozes. And other randomness.

This morning Lanman took Bella's hand held mirror and toddled around with it. He looked into it lovingly and pronounced, "My ME!" He then showed each one of us "my ME!"
His "him."
We oohed and ahhed at his cuteness and inflated his baby ego just a bit.
So much for not spoiling the baby.
Jaker brought out the big guns and let me in on a secret trip he's put together for JUST US... to Charleston, SC at the end of April. Telling me I get to travel is like telling a dog he gets to have a dino's femur. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Details are still being worked out, but I am brimming with excitement and wish it was tomorrow. I suppose we have to finish basketball season before we celebrate making it through. :) I can't wait to spend hours and hours alone with Jake, to relax together and explore a city we've never been to. :) A foretaste of our empty-nesting years-- Lord-willing! :)
In basketball news, the regular season is done and the Trojans are slated to play Houston ( a team they beat earlier this season) on Friday night in Sub-sectional action. At this point when they lose they are done. They'll actually practice four times this week. That's just a couple days less than in the entire month of February with three games a week and a snow day! :)

Well, I best start heading the kids toward bed. They're all reading. Oh, what joy (Also what a contrast to the wrestle-a-thon that took place moments ago...).
A happy first week of March to you all. :)

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