Monday, March 23, 2009

The end of the season...

Jake had the privilege of coaching a great group of boys this year as the R-P Trojans head coach. The season has ended and he now hands the reigns back to HIS coach, a Minnesota Hall of Fame coach whom he respects greatly. My husband loves basketball, and he loved the young men he got to work with. They had a GREAT victory in their second to last game. The team they faced had an amazing season. They beat the Trojans during the holiday tournament by over 30 points and were ranked number one in our sub-section. To me, one who admittedly knows little to nothing about the game, that meant defeat.
But not to my husband.
He told me they could win.
He's a "half-full" kind of guy through and through.
He loved his team.
In his eyes they could do it.
And they did.
They won by ten in overtime.

Though their record wasn't flawless they had many victories along the way and I can say with confidence that Jake enjoyed the season. And the opportunity. And the team.

And I'm proud of him.
And thankful I'm his.

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Mommy said...

I think Jake may be a "completely full" kind of guy. He is one of the most positive people I know.

I'm proud of him for you. :)