Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is here!

I'm playing catch-up today on the blog!
It is with great joy that I proclaim spring! :) Yay!
It was a drizzly day here today and I was once again thankful for my job as a mom that didn't force me to venture out. :)

Though I adore spring and the rising temps, I have to admit that it stresses me out a bit.
See, with it comes mud.
And three outfits a day for the big kids. :)
And a yard that now also needs attention.
And laundry and meals that don't stop needing attention.
And regular bath nights.
And that landscaping project we abandoned with the snow.
And the pull to enjoy the weather and be outside!
Which isn't bad... just "more" somehow.

I do try to throw the "more" aside.
And enjoy the laughter.
And the time the kids spend outdoors in the fresh air.
And the walks I can take with a toddler who is still content in the stroller.
And the birds that are back with their songs.
And the quiet hum of movement in a small town.

I look forward to green as the trees bud out and the lawn perks up!
And the many fun trips in store for our April and May!
And friendships that are budding!
And our basement's full usage-- "You can paint by the weekend!" I was told this morning! Praise the Lord!
And organizing, dejunking and containerizing. MMmmmm!
And Garage. Sales.

Ahh... Life IS good.
Bring on the mud.

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