Monday, March 23, 2009

A Travelin' we did go!

The first week of March brought an eagerly anticipated arrival to our family! Ryker Allyn was born to Jake's brother Jon and his wife Cori. They live in the Tetons, so March 10th Lanman and I accompanied a proud Grandma out west to meet our newest nephew/cousin. Lanman was giddy!

He was a trooper on the plane! It was his first flight, and though he's a pretty easy-going fellow, I was a bit nervous. He likes to just be laid down for his nap, and I could just picture a full-out fit being thrown from a tired tot. We were afforded an extra seat between us on the long flight both ways, so he had room to boogie and did really well. He was very social, so every around us was greeted with a "Hi!" and he reported on every nap-taker within sight-- "Nigh, Nigh," "Nigh, Nigh," He would shout and point. :)

Once out there we got to love on the baby and whip up some meals. Lanman got to play with his older cousin. Well, invade her space anyway! :) They'll play together better when they're a bit older. :) The weather was sunny and warm for the most part, so we brought the kids out in the snow a couple of times. Lanman wasn't sure WHAT to think about that!

We loved getting the chance to meet you, little Ryker! Thank you so much for letting us invade, Wydaho Dahls! Here's a glimpse of sweet baby...

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Mommy said...

Lanman's hair looks soooo short in that second picture. Big boy!