Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Birthday, Doodle!

You're six today. SIX! The morning you were born there was no snow. It was a mild winter to that point. I remember raking over the weekend, hoping it would encourage your entrance to the world, but no such luck. Grandma K came to stay with Noah, and Daddy and I headed down to the hospital. Labor started quickly after they broke my water and about four hours later, just after the doctor had checked how we were progressing I looked at Daddy and said, "Go get him again!" Before we knew it, there you were! I smiled, "Jake, it's a boy!!!" (Here's a funny little fact... We had an ultrasound done at the tech. college before you were born and both students AND instructor told us you were a girl! Then at the doctor's office I was sure I saw your "boyage" so was back to square one in feeling like I had no idea what you were going to be!)

I remember it being a beautiful sunny day, the sun pouring in the window on my face... God blessed us greatly that day! You take pride in being the "easiest baby" (to birth, anyway!) You were our smallest at 8lbs. 10oz. and longest at 22 1/2" (little worm!).

Doodle, you have never stopped bringing a smile to my face. You are just you- doing things in your own unique manner. You are my tender cuddler. You'll stop what you're doing for a hug at anytime... My precious boy... with indescribable eyes and a sweet spirit. I love you, Doodle James. Happy birthday, my love!


Possum Pearl said...

Happy Birthday to Doodle Dahl! *Party Horns*

Seversons said...

Happy Birthday, Doodle! We love you very much!