Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Coasting Into Christmas

My parents came up this weekend and we celebrated Christmas together! We had lots of fun- the time spent was a gift in itself! We woke up Saturday morning as though it were Christmas morning and opened our presents to one another. The boys were thrilled to each recieve a football and broke them in with a snowy football game Eagles (the boys) vs. Redskins (Daddy and Grandpa). The Eagles came out on top, 18-24. Bella's favorite gift was a neat Strawberry Shortcake house, ahh the memories... and to think the dolls we once played with are now "vintage." Jake and I were both in our church's cantata Sunday morning which Mom and Dad were there for before they headed back home.

We are enjoying a quiet Christmas week. I even pulled out the scrapbooking- which those who know me best know ONLY comes out when the work is done- or at least managable.

Jake and the Bulldogs won last night!!! (a big WHOO HOO!!!) He was so excited- he said the guys did fabulous and beat a really good conference foe. I'm sad I missed it, but look forward to watching the tape- AND look forward to Saturday's game in Cameron... a "down the road" town.

So... Merry Christmas! We'll post photos soon.


Possum Pearl said...

I am feeling a bit vintage myself... *HO HO HO*

Sounds like a lovely holiday!

YAY Bulldogs! *Smile*

Seversons said...

Good job Jason! I knew you would have a good effect on them! How are those out-of-bounds plays coming:)

"Ruby" said...

We may have practically been neighbors! We lived in Chetek for almost 4 years! What a small world.