Monday, December 12, 2005

We had a nice weekend at home full of holiday festivities. Friday night was our church Christmas Party, which is always fun. We had a white elephant exchange and I made out pretty well with a bottle of Victoria's Secret lotion (Though I had a day since then where I thought I smelled B.O. all day... I'm hoping it wasn't the lotion...). Jake had his first game as the official head coach, and unfortunately they lost. They got into foul trouble. Thursday's game is at home- I hope to get to at least part of it.

Saturday we baked cookies and made flavored cocoa gifts for our friends. It was a productive day. We also went to a friends house for pizza/coaches mtg. It was fun to spend time there. Sunday the kids and I decorated Christmas cookies and rested. We had Cantata practice in the evening. It went well with two dress rehearsals scheduled for this week. I am playing "Angela," a "forty-something" widow with a teenage daughter. She is saved and trying to witness to her father who is losing his business. The story has a great message and I'm excited to hear it with the music. (Jake has a solo- I love his voice!)
Today is spontaneous cleaning day. I have the wash going, but also decided to wash the kitchen floor, wipe down all the counters and do main floor windows as well. Mom and Dad are hoping to come up this weekend and it will feel good to have things fresh. (Fresh and Clean, Fresh and Clean... Two of my favorite words!)

I hesitate to even type this but (in a hushed whisper) we haven't been sick yet this winter. I figured this would be a bad year with Jake and Noah both in their first year at the elementary school... But so far (shhh...) so good... The closer we get to Christmas, the more I hope it just holds off.

Well, time to switch loads.

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Possum Pearl said...

Fresh and clean are two of my favorite things too! Don't think that b.o. lotion quite fits either of these catagories! *ROFL*