Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And I'm not talking roofing!

Saturday, as Jaker was getting ready for his cousin's wedding I noticed an inch and a half sized spot on his back. It looked like about 20 mosquito bites clustered together, but he said it didn't hurt or itch. While talking to his mom about it she mentioned that it could be shingles and a trip to the clinic confirmed the diagnosis. He has a terribly sore throat (which I read is usually an early symptom) and has now started aching, but it hasn't slowed him down. Poor guy looks like he's been raked over the coals. The blister area hasn't spread any further and is covered by his clothing, so he's able to teach through it. He's on a five horse-pill diet of antiviral meds for a week.

So between Lyme Disease and Shingles are we in the running for weirdest skin/neurological diseases of the year? Life is always interesting at the Dahl house!

Lanman is quickly becoming the busiest baby on earth. He can stand for ten to fifteen seconds easily, so I know he could probably walk, but chooses not to. I am really very OK with that. :)

His choice food lately is dirt, which makes the small landscaping projects I've been trying to tackle in this beautiful weather "challenging" to say the least. I came in frustrated twice with a muddy-mouthed boy. Then I realized that I was pushing to get done what I wanted. When I let it go, God opened up more time than I hoped when the Lanman fell asleep in his stroller during our walk. It ended up being a good day all around.

It must be the time of year that has been making me think "LAST YEAR at this time..." a lot lately. Whoo, I'm glad I don't have to relive that fall. But this is what our peanut looked like at two weeks...

Crazy how fast the year has gone and all the changes that have occured during it. Amazing how God carries you through.
I'm going to go grab a book and a cup o' tea and wait for Jaker. The poor guy had a coaching meeting tonight in Stewartville. (Miss you, Holl Doll!)


Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

Hope Jake is feeling better.

busy bees said...

We Hope Jake is feeling better. Yes we moved and are doing very well. Rob is offcial for bloomer chetek and eau claire now . Robs mom is home and is getting better every day. Kids grow fast. We like the hair cut.