Monday, April 06, 2009

In which I update you on sweetness, cuteness and my randomness...

Well, spring might NOT be here. It's been awful cold since I last posted, but we did NOT get the 6-12 inches of snow they threatened we would. A few flakes in the sky is all it turned out to be, and a happy girl am I.

Most know (via the facebook world) I celebrated my birthday last Friday and I just have to share the sweetness of my kids. Noodle made me a CD of all my favorite songs. Jake explained the process he went through to choose them... "No, I don't hear her sing that one very much... YEAH-- She loves that one!" Oh, my heart was a puddle. :) Doodle (bless his sweet little heart) had a package on my bedside table for three days before- But it was strictly labeled.. "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE THIRD!" The night before he told me I should open it as soon as I opened my eyes "'cause it might come in handy in the morning." He spent his own money on a bag of fresh ground coffee! :) Sweet boy!! I make a huge deal of how delicious it is every morning. :) Bella went to the local Kwik Trip and bought not one, but TWO chapsticks for me. And one for her. How cute is that?
I love 'em (the kids. the chapsticks, too, I guess).
What a treasure!

Jaker and Noodle are off on a three day field trip together.
Well, them and the rest of the fifth grade class.
It's at an environmental learning center about 30 minutes away. They spend two nights and three days there. It's a neat experience! Today they "worked" at a rebuilt Indian village... Grinding wheat and a couple other tasks and learning about the first inhabitants of our area. Tomorrow morning they do a high ropes course. :) The rest of us are doing great. I know some who hate being home alone with the kiddos, but I really don't mind it one bit. Somehow it's more relaxed. I'm not sure why as Jake brings no demands for schedule or big meals... It's just the change of pace, I guess. We got homework done really quickly, Dawson ran two errands (big boy!), Jake's grandma stopped in to love on the kids a bit and we got to invite her for supper tomorrow night. We played Countdown and Apples to Apples (Both wonderful Dahl favorite games from a wise game-picker-outer )
Then off to bed and down-time for this mama. :) Loved our night, kiddos!

I have to share a new Lanman antic. This kiddo is personality plus. He came running into the dining area when Grandma was here and showed us a little puppy he had in his hand.
Suddenly whoop--- both little hands tucked together behind his back and he rattled off, "De Da Puppy?"
I just looked at him at first, not quite sure what he was doing, but before I said anything,
POP! His hands came out from behind him with the puppy, "DE DA PUPPY!!"
He did this over and over as Grandma and I shook with laughter...
"Where's the puppy?"
"There's the puppy!"
The funniest part were his short little arms both tucked so properly behind his little back. :)
Maybe you will all have to see it to understand the cuteness.
Of course he wouldn't do it for the camera!
I'm glad laughter is good for the soul. :)

In other news, the painting has begun! I've started a lot of places, actually and hope to reign it in. The basement is mostly primed. One of Ellie's walls is mostly done. The stairwell area needs one more coat. I painted a four foot section of the tan in the living room...
It makes you sick, doesn't it! I am a great starter and am working on getting a bit more organized in it all. The color-lover in me loves to see it all. Now tomorrow I'm going to finish priming and finish the two "almost done walls."
Scouts Honor.
But for now I'm off to that big ol' bed. :) I'll sleep... like a king.


Mommy said...

You mean sleep in a king...size bed by yourself. Don't get lost. :)

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

I agree, I enjoy a night on my own with the kids too. I think the energy that explodes when daddy walks into the room can make you appreciate a night where dinner can be when you want, bath early, quiet time and no wrestling before bed...even though the daddy time is precious and loved by all. I do have friends who have husbands gone more often than there and I don't think I could handle that.

Can't wait to see Lanman live! See you Saturday!