Saturday, April 30, 2005

Absolute Silence

My dear husband packed up the troops last night and headed to his parents for the weekend. They were a truckful of energy when they left! Everyone, driver included, couldn't wait to get there as it is planting season, and that means tractor rides. Bella was beside herself... Grandpa Jerry is very close to her heart!
I am scheduled to work for a couple hours tonight, so I am home- in the most silent house I have ever heard. I have a stack of chick flicks and a closet to organize. So, if you call today, I just might not answer. I would hate it long term, but am going to enjoy my day of silence...

(For those of you joining me from balmy regions, it is snowing outside right now. Tiny floating flakes, but snow none the less. Yes, April 30th.)

1 comment:

Mary said...

Cherish the time alone. It is my experience that it is over WAY too soon!