Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Yellow tub water

Last night we burned a pile of brush in the side yard, and it was kind of misty/rainy, so I hauled Ellie in and stuck her in the tub. We had a pack of Crayola tub tints, so I broke it open and blindly tossed one of them in the water. Moments later I turned to find a bright yellow tub. Now kids in yellow water only leave me thinking one thing, but no, 'twas true... Crayola makes Yellow Tub Tints!!!

This past Sunday we celebrated the first anniversary of "stuck in the truck" day. Just one year ago our precious little girl stuck her entire hand down the stake pocket of her Daddy's pick up truck and proceeded to poke one chubby little finger out of a hole in the side of the pocket. The poor imp just couldn't pull her little hand out! We eventually had an ambulance, fire truck, police car and rescue squad SUV in our driveway, and it took a sheetmetal worker on the fire department to cut open the side of Jake's pick up to identify the little finger caught in the hole. They then cut out the stake pocket and were able to get her free. She didn't have anything but a little red mark around her finger and a look like, "What?" on her face. What a memory!

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