Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A new cousin...

Praise the Lord!
We got word, and photos, of our new niece/cousin today!
Jake's sister Jamie and her husband, Scott are adopting a daughter from China. We now have a beautiful face to put with our prayers. She will be coming home in about six weeks. What a sweet blessing it is to add on to our family in such a special way!

We had a rainy day in the Northwoods. The kids spent the day indoors with some friends. I had my every-third-year mending day. It really took me almost the whole day. NOT for quantity, mind you, because most of the things I had set aside to mend... well, the kids grew out of in the meantime. SO, after a good load down to the garage sale bin, I had ten items and yes, it took me a good chunk of the day. I am a bit rusty, but threading a machine is like riding a bike, and by late afternoon I had a neat little pile of (crookedly) hemmed, and repaired (with the addition of small blood spots) clothes. Penciled in another good mending day for 2008 and we are set.

We had a wonderful surprise tonight when my college roommate, Holly, called and said she was in town! We got to spend the evening together while her daughter Hannah played with the kids. Ellie was very quiet and observant of Hannah...not sure what to think of a girl who could go toe to toe with her in the director's seat- especially on her turf! They always play well together, and we all had a fun night. Holly and I have a unique friendship where we share a brain... scary for her, I know, but what a gift she is!

The kids are sound asleep, and I am headed that direction! g'night...

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