Friday, April 15, 2005


A weekend is upon us!
Ellie wanted her hair in "three braids, cause I'm three!" So, we french braided three braids. She looked a bit Jamaican.

From there we dove into a bit of a crazy day. Leah had a tough morning...she is generally a very good baby, and had a stretch this morning where she cried like never before. I held her, tried swaddling her, laid her down and rubbed her tummy- nothing seemed to help until I fed her a little bit and she went to sleep.
That kind of set the mood for the morning. Doodle needed to go to kindergarten screening, though when we got there we didn't actually need to have it done because he was screened last year. (One step forward, two steps back...) So we bustled on to church! It was our last day of CHAMPS (Our homeschool group). We had a pinata for our Spanish class. Very fun, and VERY full of candy. I think Noah nabbed about a third of what was in it.

Then home where, Ahhh... We're settling into a family evening. The boys and Jake are playing baseball and frisbee (beginning to be an evening tradition). I just finished cleaning up supper and Ellie is trying on many pairs of shoes before she makes the final decision for her evening apparel (I love having a daughter!). Jake and I have a stack of movies for tonight- yes, I'll fall asleep in the middle, but he puts up with me and will try to carry me up after they are over (I will wake up and protest!) Then in the morning I am going to head out on the chain of lakes to give kayaking a try with some friends (I'll keep you posted!).
I'm going to go out now and spend the waning daylight hours with my precious family...g'night!

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