Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Stranger in the Night!

Bella has a terrible habit of crawling into our bed at night. Jake and I are both beyond the infant stage of sleeping lightly and hearing every sound, so we rarely know she's there until morning. Except for the two mornings she has had an accident in OUR BED!
This, very fresh in our minds, prompted a preslumber chat with our darlin' dumpling about how "she has her own bed for a reason, and it has a plastic mattress that Mommy can just wipe right off if she has an accident. Mommy and Daddy's mattress is quite different, and needs lots and lots of work and attention if she has an accident in our bed." On the chat went with a blunt moral, You may not come in our bed at night! Call for us if you need us!
So, we all slept soundly, and very still, evidently. Jake woke to an elbow in the ribs (from a pajamaed prowler later identified as Noah), "Dad, move over, it's not Ellie!"

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