Thursday, May 11, 2006

5,4,3,2,1, Happy Garage Sale Day!!!!

The day I've long been waiting for has arrived!

Every year two faithful friends and I brave the crowds (and weather) and head to the big city to the west for city-wide garage sales. We're talking 700 sales, people! It's a blast and we always come home with a vanful. Most of it is things we didn't realize we needed, but often a precious item gets scooped up that actually made it to our list. The list isn't poured over and held in fist (just fanny pack, right MH? Well, MINE- Yours will have to be wadded up in your pocket without a fine fanny pack to keep it close. Jeez...) but we read them to one another on the way and have a mental strategy in place (OK, household items... Dolly needed blue bowls, Marti needed a pizza cutter... Nope, nope- ONWARD!)

It's just a blast. My top items of interest this year are :
1. A bike for Noah (His was recently stolen from the school bike rack)
2. skirts/dress clothes for me
3. an office chair
4. brown shoes for Bella for fall
5. jeans for the boys (a staple)
6. a high voltage Dustbuster
7. a portable DVD player (wishful thinking)
8. a bedside table

Really- as I look at my 45 item list- I don't NEED any of it. I am so blessed. Above and beyond what I could ever imagine or need. If it wern't for the unbelievable deals we get and the fun of sharing the day with great friends- I sure wouldn't have to go. God is so good. I am so thankful. I will, however, keep you updated on the treasures upon my return. Happy weekend!

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