Saturday, May 13, 2006

Treasures Galore! (including an update)

As promised, I am here to reveal the goods pillaged from the fine folks of Woodbury.

Remember that list? Well most years it's a starting point, but I really don't tend to get a lot of things checked off of it. This year I did much better... and a few items SHOULD have been on the written list, as they had meandered through my brain over the past year as things we need to pick up.

So... here are the list items I got:

1. A bike for Noah (Whoo Hoo!)
2. A bike for Bella (A girl bike very similar to her current bike and only 50 cents!!!)
3. Purple shorts for Bella
4. 2 prs. of jeans for Doodle
5. White dress shoes for Bella
6. A spring coat for Noah with liner and hood (I like it even more now at home!)
7. A long denim skirt for myself
8. Dress clothes for myself (and a LOT of it)
9. A bedside table
10. A snow shovel
11. Snowshoes (which I looked up online- the brand I got retails for $159- $229!! I paid $10! They were used once, if that!)
12. A silverware tray
13. An office chair (Which my back and butt are really liking at the moment! No more "near-tip-overs")
14. Clothes for my nephew (Just a little, Laura- I didn't do so hot for him. Boy clothes was a rarity to find this year)
15. Clothes for a friend's daughter (a very fun find!)

Things I found that should have been on my list:

1. A paper shredder
2. A work light for Jake
3. Brown dress shoes for me
4. A new "list center" for the kitchen (white board/bulletin board)

I also got a fun free find- When Doodle broke his leg he got to choose a Bennie Baby in the ER for himself and both Noah and Bella. Bella got a Siamese cat (Snip) who has since become MIA. At one sale they said, "You get a free BB with each purchase" and do you know who was in the bin? SNIP! She'll be so excited!

**EDIT, 1 hour later***
I just got finished settling the new bedside table. While I was at it I decided to vacuum under the edges of our bed. Guess who I just found after 6 months? yeah. The original Snip.

Twas a successful, fun trip despite the driving rain and 40 degree weather. Yes- we're diehards. Only 364 days until next time.

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"Ruby" said...

I was actually able to hit ONE sale as we drove through Woodbury and would you believe it was just the right one? I got son outfitted for the summer, a couple outfits for fall, and a winter coat! I also picked up a couple shirts for me and daughter.

I think I am adding Woodbury to the list and will be there next year in full force!