Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't read this unless you're ready for too much info!

OK, here's the question of the day. Can you suddenly become allergic to the deoderant you've used... I don't know, since the onset of puberty?

The past week or so I have had this embarrassing armpit itchiness. I feel like a primate! This morning I realized I don't have a rash, but red patchy spots- just in my armpit region! How weird and gross is that? I did pick up a brand of laundry detergent we haven't used before. Would a reaction to that just be in my armpit? Ugh.

I did get a new scent- "clean linen" or "fresh air" or something like that. If I have to go to "powder" scent I might just stop wearing it altogether. Oh, I dislike the baby powder stuff!

So, there it is. Too much info, I know, but we're heading into summer here folks, and I've got to resolve this dilemma. ugh.


Ringmaster said...

Um, yes, too much info : )

I would suspect the detergent. A soap residue co-mingling with your deodorant might be messing with your body chemistry.

Now, I'm no scientist or doctor, but I'll play one on the web!

Good luck, and for pete's sake, stop scratching! : )

Mommy said...

Well, isn't it a good thing the rash isn't on your FEET!

the dahls said...

Ugh... then I'd have to touch them!!!!
I could never be a podiatrist!

Mama Heffalump said...

I would blame the detergent first... then again... our bodies have a way of changing when we least expect it... *Chuckle*

Michelle said...

The exact same thing happen to me. Intense itching - who wants to itch their armpits? It went away when I went back to baby powder scent (suave). I was just chalking it up to getting older. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with strange things happening.
I found your link at Rocks in my Dryer and I am enjoying you blog.

Lorna said...

change the deoderant. This happened to me a few weeks ago. I dont know ifthey've changed the formula or what. But exactly the same. and it hurt.

it stopped hurting. 24 hours after but I ditched the deoderant.

It wasn't the washing powder. I'm sure of it.