Monday, May 01, 2006

I've come to realize that I'm not a very faithful blogger. When life speeds up, blogging is the first thing to go... Well, WRITING posts, anyway. I still read the posts of my friends and favorite bloggers. I've been on the fence the past couple weeks as to what to do- do I call it quits as I haven't contributed anything with girth to my blog in months? Do I hang in there for the family that checks it for updates on the kids? I'm not sure yet...

But for now, that update for the fam. Spring has been a wonderful change for us. The time spent outside has led to "hit-the-wall" bedtimes, and it feels good to clean and dejunk. Isn't it a blessing though how God intersperses the rainy days so that we can rest, too (Well, at least move the chores indoors)?

I had a chance this weekend to head out to the camp in town and scrapbook. I honestly haven't pulled it out for a couple months and was sure I would sit there lost for a good chunk of time. It did take a bit to get rolling, but in the end I came away with 3 completed pages and 14 pages I need to come home and journal on the computer (our trip out west last summer). A couple ladies and I are meeting out there this afternoon to try and get a bit more done, so I hope to end with a bang as I don't do much scrapping throughout the summer.

The kids are good- Noah is in the Bulldog Book Club, so we are reading "The Trumpet of the Swan" by EB White together and doing projects to go with it. Jaker is going to work on the "final"project with him tonight- a power point photo show of the Trumpeter Swan. It's been a fun undertaking. "May is Marvelous" in second grade, and they have a theme or fun activity every day this month. The countdown is on!

Doodle should finish our kindergarten curriculum this Friday. It's been a good year, and I see the progress he's made with reading and diligence- the top two priorities I had with him. We have decided to keep him home with me for one more year... For a variety of reasons. I love the one-on-one time teaching him, he and Bella will have that one last year to play pretty full time, he'll be that much more grounded in what we believe and why we believe it... And sentimentally I know once we send him we probably won't pull him home. Just extending those apron strings a little bit. :)

Bella is growing up. Situations that would have caused her heels to dig in just a year ago are manageable now (usually). Those of you who don't know her need to know that she has an iron will. She's wonderful and beautiful, and someday I hope that she's able to use that will for the Lord (and to fend off boys) but until then it's our job to help her adapt to situations and understand obedience. Two terribly exhausting tasks! She LOVES being in soccer and is doing very well despite the fact that she's the youngest (yet not smallest) on the team. I'll post photos soon.

Jaker and I got away this weekend to the Casting Crowns concert. It was wonderful. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Not being in a hurry we went to the van, got the camera and our "Lifesong" CD. By the time we got back in we were the last in the autograph line and were not rushed through- we got to chat (I just wanted to giggle when we got up to them and this lead singer that we have been listening to and memorizing words from for a couple years extends his hand and says, "I'm Mark Hall. What's your name?" Ahhhhh!). Definitely worth the 2am bedtime. hee hee. Again, check back for photos.

Well, off to check on that kindergartener of mine. He was left with a writing assignment and subtraction problems. Happy Monday!


Mommy said...

Who decides what "faithful" blogging is anyway? You shouldn't have to quit just because you don't post often; just post when you feel like it, have time, and have something to post. After all, it's YOUR blog. :) And I think most people feel like me--it's nice to read the posts no matter how infrequent they are.

Mama Heffalump said...


"Ruby" said...

Oh, don't throw in the towel! I love to read your blog and you really do a great job! You know how poorly I am doing at posting as well - it just gets so low on the list of priorities when demands pick up.

Eventually, however, we do get back to it. It is a great way to stay in touch - I definately blog more than I write a letter! For example, I have meant to sit and write you a thank-you note for our lovely day together and beg your forgiveness if I talked your ear off and messed up your evening by staying so long, but I'll just say, don't stand by your mailbox waiting! See?