Thursday, May 04, 2006

We did it!

Doodle officially finished his kindergarten curriculum. It was with much pomp and circumstance that we headed to the Dairy Queen to celebrate. He was given a Veggie Tale DVD instead of a diploma, and the promise that though the "pages" are done, the learning is not. Tomorrow will be a break and we will continue to read, add and learn about life on Monday. :) It does feel good to have the gist of it behind us and go as we choose from here.


On another note, Noah's first piano recital is Sunday. He has grandparents coming from 3 and 4 hours away to witness the great event. :) Yes, 8 hours in the car, folks, for what is sure to be 6 minutes of performance. That's love.

Jake is taking the last of tests for his National Board Certification this Saturday... Let's all pray he does well. It would be a relief for him to get this behind him. We'll let you know in DECEMBER- as that is when we get the results. (Yeah. Makes sense to me too. Two words, people: Computer. Scoring.)

Happy Weekend. Yes, I know it's Thursday. It's also SUMMER VACATION at the Dahl school of higher education. :)

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