Monday, May 08, 2006

The Countdown

We are counting at the Dahl House. Counting down to our summer vacation.

We're heading to Disneyworld.

After reading Shannon's account of Disneyworld with her family I so longed to go. Not so much for me, but to see the excitement and joy on my kids' faces. They are at great ages right now- Not too cool to look like they might be enjoying it, and not in need of a daily nap.

The reality was that we just weren't in a place to do it.

In steps the Lord.

A dear friend called a week later and to make a long story short, made it all possible- and her family is coming, too!!!

We are so excited- and so blessed. We have great friends and an Awesome God, who provides not only for our needs, but also for the longings of our heart.

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