Thursday, April 19, 2007

Back to the citrus fruits!

Ahh ha! I was sadly mistaken! The citrus comparisons continue. We have two more whole weeks of edible comparisons before I need to storm the produce section with a tape measure.
So the baby is lemon-sized this week. We have officially begun the second trimester, which I am sure is much more of a milestone if you are nauseated. I am pretty sure I have felt baby move the past two days. I think it is the love of Hot Mushroom Dip inspiring him/her to dance. Right, Jaker?
We have had a productive week at the Dahl house. I have much of the yard raked and finished the "Big Clothes Sort" for yet another season. No, shorts are not officially in their dressers yet, but it looks as if they may make an afternoon debut over the weekend as temps will soar (We ARE in Wisconsin, folks) into the 70's! Whoo Hoo!
We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our newest niece out in the Idaho/Wyoming border area. Next week my MIL and I get to fly out and make her acquaintance. Pray for her anxious parents as they wait on their firstborn!
Well, the weather is beautiful and I have a date with my Doodle. (Noodle is at school and Bella is at a playdate, so Dood and I get to walk to the local ice cream parlor for a treat!) Sorry, friends, but a momma's got to have priorities!

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