Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Trails!

This bloggity lady is packing up and shipping out bright and early! I get to board an airplane- NO KIDS- just my MIL and I and we are headed west. Gonna get ourselves a homestead. Oh, no wait. That's On the Shores of Silver Lake, the book I'm reading with Bella. Well, we're headed west anyway and greeting the tiniest member of the Dahl family. Not that I'm counting, but we leave here- KID FREE- in 15 hours.

So Hasta La Vista, all. I will report sometime next week how the travels of a cooped-up-mommy went. :)

Disclaimer: I love my children beyond words. I WILL miss them. They are well cared for and loved immensely. Just clarifying.


Mommy said...

No doubt there are a number of mommies who would like to join no disclaimer needed. :)

Happy trails!

P.S. My word verification was "kitwad". Just thought that was funny. :)

The Woman said...

Your new niece is beautiful! Be careful though... She will make you even more eager to see your wee one!
Have fun getting snugglies!

(This is Lisa. New blog! LOL)