Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our Weekly Update

I promised a break from the fruit venue and here it is... the baby is a jumbo shrimp this week. Three inches from crown to rump. I'm sad to say that I think this is where BabyCenter breaks from the food analogies and just gives length and weight approximations from here on out. We'll continue to keep you updated, as I am sure Thursday brings anticipation throughout Blogland as to the development of our little fetus. :)

In other news we had a great Easter!

Though the boys look less than enthused, I assure you their Easter baskets were found, and not filled with coal, or rabbit pellets, or whatever the bad Easter omen would be.

We are headed into the weekend again! Where does the time go? I'm off to tidy the house. And that only makes it sound like a small, pleasant job.

Happy Thursday, All!


Keri said...

You know, just because Baby Center stops with the analagies, doesn't mean WE have to! We could come up with some good ones!

Great picture! What a good-looking bunch of family you are!

molly said...

I'm thinking that, too! Take the measurements to the produce department and size up where we're at each week. So where are you at, Keri?