Friday, April 13, 2007

High Aspirations

So in school the past couple of days Doodle and I have been talking about jobs. Yesterday we focused on how every job is important. After all, what if garbage collectors and firefighters didn't do their job?

Today we talked about how there are some jobs that most anyone is able to do such as a store clerk, dog walker, or cleaning person. We talked about how some people have to have a lot of specific training for their job such as a nurse, electrician or teacher. (I'm not meaning to start a fight over which jobs are harder or anything... after all ALL JOBS ARE IMPORTANT!!!)

So they had a page where Doodle then had to draw a picture of a skilled field he may want to work in someday. Their examples were a dentist, juggler (Special talent/skill?) and a police officer.

He came to me with pride in his eyes and said, " I came up with a really good one. I really want to play football or work in a bait shop, but if I have to go to special training I want to work here!"

And showed me his sweet little drawing of a red building with golden arches.

"Cause not everyone knows what a double cheeseburger is!"

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