Monday, April 13, 2009

Hugging my babies tight.

I follow a number of blogs regularly.
Most of them are those of family and friends.
After all, I started this blog to keep those we love up-to-date on stories and photos of the kids.

Some of the blogs I read belong to people I don't know, or didn't. After you read glimpses of a person's life for a number of years you feel as though you do know them.

Tonight I was reading the post of someone I don't "know," who shared the loss of two families.
Both lost a child unexpectedly in the past week.
Pictures of the child were posted.
Funeral arrangements.
I spent more time than I realized scrolling back and reading about the families. Posts just the day before were normal, everyday occurrences, much like I share on this site.
Not much to note- just life.

But what a gift it is.
These days that I get to see my babies smile and laugh and share stories of what happened on the playground.
I get to hear them tell me about what they had for lunch, how fast they biked home and the new kid in their class.
I get to hold them as they sleep, watch their little chests rise and hear their soft breath.
I get to remind then to eat their veggies, wipe up their spills and resweep the floor.

Most days I wouldn't look at these as blessed opportunities. And by Thursday I may not take the time to reflect on it all. But right now I am trying to imagine an unexpected loss like these two moms are living and it sucks the air right out of me.
I don't know what tomorrow will bring.
I don't hold my kids' futures.
I know the God who does, and I trust Him with it all.
And I'm off... to hug and hold my babies.

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