Thursday, August 18, 2005

The List

We've plunged into late summer projects at the Dahl house in full-fledged-flurry mode to get some things done around the house before school starts (a.k.a. reality sets in and Jake has to start working again to keep those checks coming). We've settled into a system that is working for now. Jake preps the paint sites and I just paint. He hates painting, and I hate futzing around with all the preliminary "sanding, scrapping, taping" garbage. So for now, it's working and jobs are getting crossed of The List.

We tackled two doors and door frames, and I am still working away at the table I found for $5 on the curb. It's going to be a beauty... I just wish I had taken "before" photos. Our hutch is rejoicing that its load will be lighter when the new table comes into play.

My parents are on their way up with gardening tools packed for a long weekend of resurrecting our yard. We hope to make a flower bed of sorts where the trees once stood... A project I am not willing to tackle without my green-thumbed mother. My thumbs are black and withered in comparison, and frankly when people say they "just love to get their hands in the dirt," I shudder. The only thing worse is dusty feet.

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