Sunday, August 07, 2005

A photo summary of our July...

I'm finally getting around to post some of the 385 photos we shot while we were out west! Here's the month at a glance...

Motel pools are a great place to get the wiggles out before plopping the kids in the van for 10- 14 hours!

The kids were excellent hikers! This trail wasn't far from Jonathan and Cori's new house.

A family night of mini-golf was a blast- Dawson got a hole-in-one! We capped this evening off with Billy's Giant Hamburgers. Nothing says sleeplessness like a 1/2 pound burger before bed.

This was an evening we spent in Teton Village. We looked around, and right before we went in to eat at the Mangy Moose, Dawson fell into the creek and needed an emergency souvenir t-shirt.

This was another great hike we were able to do at Coal Creek. The kids kept us going strong. They didn't want to quit! Mama's so proud of her little hiking clan!

This was another visit to Teton Village. We went to an Indian Art fair and then watched an Indian Dance exhibition. It was beautiful- Notice the white girl out there... that's Cori who was chosen to join in the festivities. She was a very good sport!

We made another visit to the BarT5! One of the last evenings we enjoyed their covered wagon ride up to a chuckwagon dinner and cowboy music show. It's becoming a tradition the kids look forward to!

Of course one of the main reasons that we headed out west was to help Jake's brother and his wife with the building of their house. Here it was the day before we left. They got quite a bit of the roof together. We look forward to our next visit and being able to see the "Taj-ma-Dahl" in its completed state.

Ahhh... here was one of our last views of the Tetons for this summer. I snapped this through the windshield as we headed north into Yellowstone on our way home. What a gorgeous place to visit. I feel so very blessed that we got to spend as much time as we did admiring the beauty of these mountains!

So, there's a month in a nutshell. Lots of family time, Lots of loafing and getting to know our wonderful sister-in-law/aunt(for the kids and I) lots of building and bonding time for Jake and his brother, and lots of time in the arid weather away from Wisconsin's humidity and mosquitoes! It's good to be home, but we will hold fast to the memories we made in our summer out west.

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